Investment Mistakes

November 8, 2018

Why 3 Cuscaden is the ideal property to invest in Orchard Road

If you’re not aware by now, the residential area adjacent to the main shopping belt of Orchard road has undergone numerous changes over the years as a result of being redeveloped by various real estate firms. As of writing, the most spectacular new property development in the market on this region are those located at […]

Investment Mistakes, New Condominiums
July 31, 2018

What does the new project at south buona vista road has to offer

Irrespective of whether one is looking for an affordable condo or an upscale independent yet luxurious landed home, the latest Kent Ridge Hill Residences could be your best bet. This private housing project is situated in a beautiful residential zone on South Buona Vista Road, off the major Pasir Panjang Road in the south of […]

Investment Mistakes, New Condominiums
April 13, 2018

Invest in Stirling Residences or not

If you’re comfortable and have the extra pool fund for investments but do not know where to begin with, venturing into the property market now seems to be the next smart move as real estate prices are creeping up positively after years of declining growth. Latest residential projects such as Stirling Residences in Queenstown may […]

Investment Mistakes, New Condominiums
April 3, 2018

Buy and Sell 8 Saint Thomas in Singapore using Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

As of late, new stories about Bitcoin have turned out to be more predominant in the real estate market across the globe as the most advanced cryptocurrency. Even though the price has weakened slightly, with loss in gains over the most recent three months, dropping by 14% down to below $7000 per Bitcoin crypto token […]

Investment Mistakes, New Condominiums
October 11, 2017

Common Investment Mistakes that most People Make

People tend to make one or the other mistake as far as investing decisions are concerned. The break rules and principles that might lead to disastrous results that the investor might not expect. Errors are common, but there are always means to avoid them. So here are some of the common mistakes that people make […]

Investment Mistakes