April 13, 2018

Invest in Stirling Residences or not

If you’re comfortable and have the extra pool fund for investments but do not know where to begin with, venturing into the property market now seems to be the next smart move as real estate prices are creeping up positively after years of declining growth. Latest residential projects such as Stirling Residences in Queenstown may be the perfect choice. It is developed by two big giants from the real estate industry, Nanshan Group and Logan Property Holdings.

With the injection of new residential projects coupled with actual property market growth, buying a condo unit now to generate positive rental returns is a good way to set a stable income. By owning the apartment exclusively, it will almost certainly net you a neat profit on the capital appreciation when you’re buying at the low now.

Stirling Residences, a place you will want to call home

Queenstown is a lovely place to live: A tranquil and comfortable location, filled with nostalgic shops, restaurants, schools and everything which residents may require from time to time. Stirling Residences will bring a lot of attention to many families around the area, thanks to the perks and benefits of living here. With the Queenstown MRT Station within short walking distance, this condo will have easy access and transportation from various parts of the town.

Why is Stirling Residences better than other options?

Stirling Residences do have some edge that other places don’t, making it a better choice in several aspects. Here is a list of things that make this condo a better option than others:

  • Location: Just a couple of minutes from the Queenstown MRT, which is only 4 stops from the Central Business District, this makes Stirling Residences as one of the best choice for non-driving individuals, the type of people that may rent an apartment instead of buying one. The bus stops and the nearby shops make it ideal for people who like convenience.
  • The nearby schools: almost all schools including primary and secondary are within 2km. Allowing big families with kids and young students to call this place their home.
  • The shops: all the residents here will have a large number of retail shops at their disposal. From groceries to food markets, clothing, daily products and more, Queenstown has a shop for almost everything.
  • The quiet and serene environment: Queenstown is a place to relax, just outside the busy part of the city. A great no. of parks and recreational areas makes this part of the town a place to chill in. Also, you don’t need a vehicle to get to most parts of the town.
  • The food: There is a wide variety of cafés and restaurants, making this the ideal place for people with a busy life or non-cookers. Just across the street from Stirling Residences is the Mei Ling Market & Food Centre, a cheap & good place to have food.


Still in doubt?

Ask your friends in the property market and they will say the same: Singapore’s property market is in a positive growth right now, 2018 will be the year in making savvy property investments like foreigners. If you register your online with Stirling Residences, you will be notified with the latest news and list of official price guide for all the different condo units.

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