October 8, 2020

Living around Sentosa Island with loads of attractions

Want to have fun like you have never had before in Singapore? Yes? This piece is for you!

It is 8 pm right now in the Resorts World, Sentosa. The crane dance performance has just started. The fun, flirtatious dance of two lovebirds. What a sight to behold!

Unfortunately, you will not be staying long to soak in the pleasure. You live far off away from the Sentosa island. But what if there is a new close-by residential haven? Somewhere with the same waterfront and from where you would get some spectacular views of the bay even from your own home? Read on to find out more.

It is The Reef

The Reef at the King’s Dock with 429 residential homes located at the Great Southern Waterfront. Sitting atop a 300,000sq.ft. land, the Reef is a site brimming with history.

The historical dock in 1913, was once the second largest of its kind. Nothing changed over the years, but it had evolved into a designated sanctuary sandwiched amidst beautifully themed, cultivated coral reefs. In that beauty of reefs, seafronts, and history lies the pitch-perfect homes:


Available options, the Reef condo has the following offerings:

  1. A block each for 5-storey, 7-storey, and 10-storey apartments
  2. Two blocks for 2-storey and 3-storey homes
  3. Three blocks of 8-storey units


Now, if you are wondering about the quality of these waterfront apartments, fret not.

The Reef at the King’s Dock is the brainchild of two real estate giants in Mapletree and Keppel. They have a long track record and years of experience in the real estate market of both Asian and European cities. So, rest assured that you are getting the best value on your investment by acquiring a condo unit at the Reef.

With that said, shall we head out to have some fun?

The Fun Destinations around the Reef condo

As mentioned above, the Reef condo lies close to Sentosa Island. Some of these nearby incredible tourist attractions include:


Adventure Cove Waterpark – it is a perfect site for family vacations and adventure. The park features numerous rides and water games. In particular, the cove features seven fist-pumping water rides. Even at that, its prized attraction remains the Rainbow Reef and Ray Bay that allows visitors to get close to about 20,000 fishes.


Sentosa Beaches – the answer to romantic expeditions. It could also feature family gatherings.

At these hugely influenced beaches, everything is built to impressed. Starting with the imported fine sand to the mechanical bridges; they were all marvellously designed.


Skyline Luge and Skyride: need cool pictures for your social media DP? Luge and Skyride got you! This attraction spot also serves as a delayed teleport. While on the open air-cable, you would get jaw-widening views of the city back and forth Sentosa island to the core of Singapore.


Universal Studios – familiar? Universal Studios Singapore is home to some of the popular animations around (Despicable Me, Minions, even the Lorax). In addition to its Hollywood sets and features, the USS is an immense complex of live shows and themed rides.


Other notable mentions include Sentosa’s world-class golf club and the pirate-of-Caribbean-styled Palawan Beach. Whichever fun venues you eventually choose to land on, living right across the island at The Reef Condo gets you even closer than anywhere else.


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