November 8, 2019

Some facts about The M, my humble opinion

Well, we were discussing this over the weekend brunch with some cool investors and The M is a really good investment, especially for those who are looking for a five-star residential development in Singapore. If you are still skeptical about The M, here are some facts that will help you understand more of this new unpolished gem, and why you should consider parting away some good money for this exciting new space in bugis middle road.

It isn’t a Skyscraper building

The M condo is just your average apartment home, built on a 20-storey tower and there will be more than 522 residential units including a block of low-rise apartment within the boundary. That’s quite a large number in my humble opinion. However, given the low supply of private housing in this area, this number will not be significant anymore.

The first storey of The M is dedicated to the Commercial components of the mixed development, which when taken, means the local residents would be able to enjoy the convenience from those retail shops on the first floor, without having to travel further, or Bugis shopping district across the road just to enjoy some shopping. They will have shops right in their own doorstep now.

It is designed to be high-end & luxurious

The M isn’t just designed to be practical; it is designed to be a high-end and luxurious property. It may become the perfect landmark in the near future, depending on how it all turns out to be upon completion. The architecture is absolutely marvelous, and you can clearly see that it will eventually turn out to be one of the most luxurious home in Singapore, if it all spans out within expectations.

There is limited housing supply in the vicinity

Another really great news for the developer, there is a very limited housing supply in the vicinity. No matter how you look at it, it’s a great investment opportunity that is up for grabs. When there is a limited number of residences within a commercial district that is full of retailers, amazing buildings, the prices of these prime homes will be increased in time to come. There are currently 522 units for booking, which should be more than enough for any potential investors to place their interest.

There is diversity between units

With large numbers come with large differences, many of the units will be diversified and having different layouts. This is done so that there will always be something available for any type of residents, if they are keen to purchase any unit in this development, you will have a tough time finding the perfect housing for yourself too, because all units inside the building already look amazing, yet it remains diversified.

Work, live & play

The M is located near the Bugis shopping district, Orchard Road and Downtown Core. This means that no matter the kind of job you have, you will always have access to the best facilities and amazing features, provided you’re willing to walk a minute or two.

Come and see for what it has planned for itself, you will be amazed by the ongoing excitement.

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